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Me2 International B.V. is specialized in the manufacturing and installation of high quality NEW and RECONDITIONED Poultry and Further Processing Equipment.

The team of Me2 International B.V. is highly experienced in the poultry industry having many years of hands-on experience.

Our semi-automatic and fully automatic poultry processing equipment can be used for broilers, ducks and turkeys.

We also supply Further Processing and Sausage making equipment.
Our equipment is suitable for capacities ranging from 250 to 6.000 birds per hour.
At Me2 International B.V. we recognize the need for small traditional slaughter houses and small to medium semi-automatic processors to make the next step to efficient and modern processing methods.
However due to economics such processors can not always afford to invest in NEW equipment.
That is why we supply as an alternative to our new equipment completely overhauled reconditioned equipment.

All our reconditioned equipment comes with our full guarantee like we give when the client buys new equipment.

In 2007 and 2008 we were awarded with the delivery of a fully automatic 6.000 birds per hour processing line for a large Dutch poultry processor and update of a 5.000 birds per hour line at a large Russian poultry processing enterprise.

We have also supplied quite a few smaller processing lines for 1.000, 2.000 and 2.500 birds per hour capacities.

With these latest achievements we are sure that Me2 International B.V. has made a good contribution to the poultry industry and for sure an alternative supplier for lower friendly investments for our clients.